Saturday, March 25, 2006

Why the world is the way it is (Or so I Think)

In September of 2003 my life was about to change, but from the way I was feeling at the time I'd never have thought it so.

That was when I began to wake up to reality, and though the process has been difficult I wouldn't trade the experiences for anything.

This blog will be where I share ideas with everyone, and attempt to network and learn.

It started one day as I mentioned above. I was laying around in my bedroom feeling very down and depressed. I turned on the TV and was watching the Sci-Fi channel when a program came on about alien abductions. I thought it was an interesting topic, one that I must admit had piqued my curiosity in the past. So I started to do some research and figured "Well, if it is all BS, at least it is something to pass the time". I read some "stories" from abductees but nothing really resonated with me so I started to search on some other topics and ran across a site on the occult. And that leads me to where I am, almost three years later.

I like to use the allegory of the "Matrix" movies to describe the real world. Mankind has been asleep to the REAL world for hundreds of thousands of "years". You can easily look around and observe the world as it is and see nothing but grief and negativity. Anger. Suicide. Predators everywhere feeding off "weaker" beings. People going/acting crazy. Unless you live under a rock you have experienced it.

But people like me wonder "Why?". Why is the world the way it is? Religions attempt to explain this in the duality of "good vs. evil". But I don't have any use for religions (any of them) because when you step-back and look at them they are dis-empowering mechanisms of control, fraught with myth and time-altered teachings.

So where does that leave us then? Are we inherently "bad" as a species?

Unfortunately, the answer is quite astonishing to most people. The reason the world is the way it is, is because we (humans) are food for hyperdimensional beings.

So, you are probably thinking, "Let me get this straight Don. We get eaten by aliens huh?". Well, again, the answer is not that straightforward. What they feed off of is NEGATIVE EMOTION. So, they gave us THEIR mind, the mind of the predator, that generates ample opportunity for negativity to flow to them and feast off of us, much the same way we "eat" chickens. Or cows. Or spinach.

Now, I realize how the above two paragraphs sound. But, I ask you to look around and THINK. Think with a hammer. It DOES tend to help explain the world that we live in. We are "programmed" to generate negativity. And the "leaders" of our world are duped (dance for me Bojangles!) into putting "us", their sheep, into even MORE situations that create negativity.

Remember Neo? How it was when he awoke? It was a major shock to his system.

As I am sure it is to many of you.

Here are two GREAT resources to help-one in one's quest to awaken:

The Cassiopaen Experiment

Signs of the Times


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